Callaway Supersoft golf balls launched

Callaway Golf has announced the launch of its softest ever golf ball: the Callaway Supersoft, which is made with the intention of giving golfers with slower swing speeds additional distance.

The Callaway Supersoft golf ball has an ultra-low compression of just 38 – which reduces spin to combat hooks and slices – and features HEX aerodynamics for a piercing ball flight.

Callaway says the Supersoft golf ball is perfect for those who want to increase distance off the tee, while maintaining soft feel around the green and off the putter face.

The Callaway Supersoft is a two-piece golf ball, featuring a Trinomer Blend cover, specifically designed to promote ball speeds and optimise distance.

Dave Bartels, Senior Director of golf ball R&D for Callaway, said:

“Supersoft is engineered with an incredibly soft core – actually zero on the PGA compression scale.

“It’s easy to make a soft core, but it’s really difficult to make a soft core that is resilient, and we were able to do that with Supersoft.”

“Because the soft core is so resilient, it enables us to put a soft cover on it and still achieve really good ball speeds. The soft cover is great for feel and control around the green as well.”

According to Callaway, the key features and player benefits are:

– Ultra-low compression and reduced spin for increased distance
– A longer, more penetrating ball flight
– Callaway’s softest ever golf ball
– New Optical Yellow design for increased visibility

The Callaway Supersoft golf ball will be available from retailers across Europe from January 31, with an RRP of £19.99 per dozen.