Why Now Is The Best Chance To Win A Trophy At Your Club

Why Now Is The Best Chance To Win A Trophy At Your Club

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Some golfers can spend their whole life being a member of a golf club and not win a single event, but is now the best chance to change that? As golf courses reopen after lockdown, is this the best opportunity to get your name engraved on a trophy?

Why Now Is The Best Chance To Win A Trophy At Your Club

Winning a trophy at your club means major bragging rights amongst friends and fellow members. It's an opportunity to scribe your name into the club's history books.

With golf returning in Scotland and Wales already, as well as being forecasted to return on the 29th March in England, your chance to win a tournament is a matter of weeks away. However, many members will be arriving at the course having not touched a club for two months.

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Most players won't simply be carrying on from where they left off. Months spent in lockdown, without practice, will mean their game will have declined. Others, meanwhile, may not have deteriorated but their games certainly won't have improved without regular training.

Why Now Trophy

A few lessons coming back from lockdown could make a huge difference to your game. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

With that in mind, now could be the perfect time to change your approach to your golf: a fresh start, almost. Whether it's purchasing a training aid or a couple of lessons with a coach, a small change in time for summer competitions can yield huge rewards to your performance.

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Building Confidence

A training aid can benefit your game greatly and can be used on, and off, the course. Whether it's putting or honing your swing, the use of a training aid before an event will certainly be a confidence booster for competing in competitions and tournaments.

Getting a couple of lessons from a coach will also increase your chance of winning a trophy greatly. Although you may know your swing, getting an expert in the field as your second pair of eyes will be a huge game changer.

They understand the fundamentals of the swing, and will be able to get the best out of your performance. If you have a comfortable and repeatable swing, you'll have more chances of claiming a trophy.

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Equipment Check

With this summer set to be a huge year for golf, now is also the perfect time to check and update any equipment you feel isn't benefiting your game.

This doesn't mean 'go out and spend £1000 on a new set of irons.' It means clean your clubs, get them regripped, check that all your attire fits and isn't damaged.

One of the smallest but most effective things you can do to your clubs is to clean the faces and get them regripped.

Why Now Trophy

By keeping your club face clean, you gain more control with your shot. (Photo by Montana Pritchard/The PGA of America Getty Images)

By cleaning the face, it'll provide more feel and control when making impact with the ball, a key factor in lowering your score and challenging for trophies in competitions.

Another factor is the regripping of your clubs. This is crucial because it's the only part of the club that your hands are in contact with. If your grips aren't comfortable to hold then it'll affect you mentally as you won't be able to commit to the swing

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The phrase 'look good, play good' has never been truer when it comes to your attire on the course. Before golf commences it's crucial to find out that your clothing is not damaged or uncomfortable to wear. If you check before tournaments commence, then your sole focus will be on your game, and not your discomfort.

By checking over these small details, you can ensure you return in the perfect frame of mind with no distractions; especially when the club competitions in summer come thick and fast.

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