With so many golfers stuck at home we've tested 10 of the best golf training aids on Amazon. See which ones could help you shoot lower scores this year

10 Best Golf Training Aids On Amazon – Tested!

With so many players looking for ways to get their golfing fix from home by getting the perfect home golf set up, we ordered 10 golf training aids from Amazon. From the basics of the swing to the art of the short game, these all promise to improve your golf but how do they stack up?

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The Golf Monthly team tested them out to see which ones deliver. 

Eyeline Golf Classic Putting Mirror

Putting mirror

Tester: Elliott Heath, handicap 2

Price paid: £39.96

Pros: More features than a traditional mirror, tee peg slots for creating gates. Good size, comes with a handy storage bag.

Cons: More expensive than other putting mirrors. Delivery to UK is longer due to it being a US product.

Verdict: I bought this product on Amazon.co.uk and it took just over a week to arrive with free delivery. The Eyeline mirror has lots going on: shoulder alignment, slots to place tee pegs, eyeline and target lines as well as some really nice lines to help with stroke path. With the Eyeline mirror I quickly realised that my eyes weren’t over the ball and my shoulders were closed. On my flat carpet with the mirror I literally can’t miss a putt when I get my shoulders aligned correctly and ensure my eyes are over the ball. I’d say this is more than worth the money, especially with the added feature of creating gates for start lines. I’m excited to continue using this over the coming months.

UK Buy Now at Amazon for £39.85

US Buy Now at Amazon for $78

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Champkey Golf Swing Trainer

Champkey swing trainerTester: Joel Tadman, handicap 5

Price paid: £44.99

Pros: An excellent, cost-effective tool to help you feel the correct loading and release of the clubhead during the swing.

Cons: Regular use is key to stop falling back into old bad habits. Instructions could have been more detailed.

Verdict: The Champkey Golf Swing Trainer appears to be a less expensive version of the Orange Whip device used by many tour players. It uses a high traction rubber grip, flexible shaft and heavy silica gel head to improve your golf swing tempo and build your muscle strength. It takes time to get used to how it feels but with practice, you soon gain an understanding of how letting the body lead the downswing allows the heavy head to release at the correct moment as well as creating lag for extra power. The Champkey swing trainer does a good job of grooving a smooth rhythm with gradual acceleration. It should also improve your timing as well as the overall consistency of your swing.

UK Buy Now at Amazon for £46.99

US Buy Now at Amazon for $34.99

Bayaa golf training mat for swing detection

Bayaa golf matTester: Andy Wright, handicap 2

Price paid: £18.99

Pros: Extremely portable and easy to use. Provides feedback as to how effectively you are starting putts on line, as well as how well you are striking iron shots.

Cons: It came with a crease in the middle that made it difficult to get the ball to settle in the marked address position at first.

Verdict: While simple in design, this golf training mat can be used to highlight certain flaws. It should help if you’re struggling to line the ball up with the centre of the club (especially helpful with the putter). The lines on the mat also do a good job of providing a clear visual guide for different swing paths. Also, because impact is made into the grain of the carpet, the mat highlights, to an extent, how you’ve struck each shot – whether that’s heavy, thin or just right – as well as the exit path of the club. 

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PuttOut Pro Putting Gates

PuttOut Putting Gate

Tester: Mike Harris, handicap 9

Price paid: £39.50

Plus: Very high quality components – gates and stand. Clever storage pouch that’s easy to keep in your golf bag.

Minus: On the pricey side at £40. You could make a homemade version of the hoops.

Verdict: A simple concept that has been well executed, the PuttOut Pro Putting Gates will undoubtedly hone your putting by focusing on grooving a consistent start line and also helping you better understand breaks. The gates can be used at home and on a practice putting green for the start line and general target practice while using them to understand break requires a green with some slope on it.

UK Buy Now at Amazon for £40

US Buy Now at Amazon for $54.99

Newthinking Portable 20” Chipping Net

Newthinking chipping net

Tester: Neil Tappin, handicap 5

Price paid: £15.99

Pros: Folds down into a very compact size. Easy to assemble. Three good-sized targets to aim at.

Cons: Some might prefer the overall size of the net to be bigger. No assembly instructions. If using in the garden, you might also want to buy a mat.

Verdict: The Newthinking Portable Chipping Net is a very simple and easy to assemble piece of kit that certainly could help your short game. It forced me to be more target-orientated and within a few chips, I started to get a good feel for distance. For those wanting to work on technique, not chipping towards a flag and hole allows you to concentrate on the move you are looking to perfect. An ideal training aid for those with limited space to practice at home. 

UK Buy Now at Amazon for £15.99 

Ejoyous Golf Automatic Putting Cup

Putting CupTester: Sam Tremlett, handicap 5

Price paid: £24.58

Pros: The overall design of the cup encourages a confident stroke, great fun for putting games with golfers and non-players alike.

Cons: Batteries were not included.

Verdict: I have used putting cups in the past that have been disappointing to say the least but with this model I was pleasantly surprised. The raised slope requires consistently good speed and the ball return system worked well, performing best for putts around 10-feet and closer. Some previous models I have used have lacked oopmh. The design felt reasonably sturdy and did deal with an accidental drop from chest height! Above all, I found it fun to use as did my housemates who have never played golf but wanted to have a go.

Buy Now UK at Amazon for £23.99

Buy Now US at Amazon for $25.19

On Par Golf Power Swing Fan

Swing fan training aid

Tester: Dominic Smith, handicap 12

Price paid: £29.99

Pros: Good for building strength and understanding when to add speed in your swing. Can help you improve your grip.

Cons: Not suitable for left-handed golfers due to the moulded grip. No guide to tell you how to get best results.

Verdict: The faster you move in the downswing, the more resistance you feel. As there is no guide in the box, it was hard to truly know how to get the most from it. Initially I wasn’t sure what I was meant to be feeling however after some swings, I focussed on realising my forearms to target. Once I stopped swinging I could feel my forearms had been working.

This product is sadly no longer available on Amazon, but we’ve found very similar products at a similar prices called the Toyandona Plastic Golf Trainer in the UK and the Vukayo Golf Power Resistance Golf Trainer in the US.

UK Buy Now at Amazon for £21.79

US Buy Now at Amazon for $27.99

SunTrade Golf Club Grip Golf Swing Trainer 

SunTrade Golf Grip

Tester: Matt Cradock, handicap 4

Price paid: £12.49

Pros: Good for novices to learn a neutral grip. Quality material. Good for loosening up before a round. 

Cons: No instructions provided. We’re not sure one size always fits all.

Verdict: The SunTrade Swing Trainer is a good quality piece of kit that helps to groove a neutral grip. However it is only available in one size, so someone with extra large or extra small hands might struggle to grip it correctly. It would be useful to have instructions and a clear diagram of how the product works. To test, we gave the grip to a non-golfer to try, and they were confused as to how to use it. When looking online, the aid was being demonstrated with both a baseball grip and the conventional grips used by the majority of players.

Buy Now UK at Amazon for £12.49

Buy Now US at Amazon for $12.99

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Achort Golf Impact Bag     Impact bag training aid

Price paid: £15.99

Pros: Felt durable and waterproof. Easy to store and portable.

Cons: Smaller than expected, need to fill it yourself. Very loud when hit.

Verdict: If you want to be able to swing a golf club and feel the impact of hitting something then this certainly does the job. The bag arrived quickly, but it is not filled with anything so you need to fill it with old clothes or similar. The pictures on Amazon also make the bag look bigger than it actually is. The bag does have a sturdy handle and the material felt water resistant and durable. The most noticeable issue is the noise it makes when hit, it is very loud! The target logos on the bag are a good visual, but they are halfway up the bag so I wasn’t sure how much ball-striking help it was offering me. I felt like the best use for this would be for a warm up before a round or range time – would certainly get your muscles loose.

UK Buy Now at Amazon for £15.99

Upgraded Golf Swing Plane Training Aid

swingyde training aid

Price paid: £9.99

Pros: Simple and quick to set up and an affordable tool to easily use at home. Highlights issues at address and in the takeaway.

Cons: Slightly flimsy construction means it might not last that long.

Verdict: A great training aid for focussing on swing plane and clubface alignment. After repeated use over a few days, I saw a noticeable change in how I lined up correctly at address. This aid gives you a clear, visual representation of where you are going wrong at address and in the takeaway, allowing you to fix bad habits quickly. Can be used by right and left handers across any club in the bag but was especially useful with a mid-iron to fix bad habits.

UK Buy Now at Amazon for £9.99

US Buy Now at Amazon for $15.99

That’s it – we’re confident at least one of these clever gadgets has the ability to transform your game!