Who Is Danielle Kang's Boyfriend?

We get to know Danielle Kang's boyfriend Maverick McNealy a little bit better in this piece

Who is Danielle Kang's Boyfriend?
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We get to know Danielle Kang's boyfriend Maverick McNealy a little bit better in this piece

Who Is Danielle Kang's Boyfriend?

Danielle Kang has established herself as one of the best golfers in the world in the past few years, winning five events on the LPGA Tour, including the standout 2017 Women's PGA Championship.

Another highlight of Kang's career included winning the 2020 Vare Trophy, awarded for the lowest scoring average on the LPGA Tour.

Understandably, the American is highly rated and has comfortably sat within the top-ten of the Women's World Golf Rankings for a couple of years now.

Alongside that, she has also worked on occasions for Golf Channel as a commentator.

In fact, this is where she revealed to the golfing community that she was dating her current boyfriend, Maverick McNealy.

But who actually is he? We take a look below.

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Who Is Danielle Kang's Boyfriend?

Danielle Kang is currently dating Maverick McNealy, also a golfer who is currently plying his trade on the PGA Tour.

The pair, who both live in Las Vegas, met at The Summit Club in the Nevada city in 2019, and have dated ever since. 

McNealy turned professional in 2017, after being ranked number one in the World Amateur Golf Ranking in late 2016 and graduating from Stanford University with a degree in Management Science and Engineering.

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Despite the clear talent that he had, Maverick almost opted to give golf up after leaving university though - instead deliberating on joining his father, Scott McNealy, at his multi-billion dollar business Sun Microsystems.

While McNealy is still awaiting his first professional win of his career, Kang is clearly very proud of her boyfriend, which she explained on Golf Channel after revealing they were together.

“He’s a sweetheart,” Kang said. “I have so much respect for him and vice versa.”

Meanwhile, McNealy claims he still has a lot of work to do to reach the heights that Kang has managed in her career, though being three years her junior means time is slightly more on his side to make that happen.

“I’m such a baby in professional golf compared to her,” said McNealy.

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Their relationship, he claims, works so well because they understand the pressures of professional golf, and they challenge each other all the time.

“She pulls me out of my comfort zone and a little bit out of my shell,” he said.

“Honestly, it makes me more confident and comfortable.

"I’ve done a lot of things and tried a lot of foods in particular that I never would’ve tried - I went to Singapore and I tried string ray and I loved it."

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