What Is Tommy Fleetwood’s Net Worth?

How much is the Englishman worth?

Tommy Fleetwood’s net worth
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This English golfer is 18th on the European Tour’s career prize money list.

What Is Tommy Fleetwood’s Net Worth?

Tommy Fleetwood is one of the most popular golfers in the world and his net worth has been estimated at $15 million.

He is 18th on the European Tour’s career prize money list with €20,172,082.44.

A lot of Tommy Fleetwood’s net worth has come from the European Tour, where he has won five times. Although he now concentrates on the PGA Tour, he had yet to win on that particular tour.

In 2017 he won the Abu Dhabi Championship, earning him $450,000. He then successfully defended this title the following year. This earned him another $500,000 in prize money.

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His business affairs are looked after by his manager, who is his wife. In 2015 Clare Craig, former wife of rugby international Andy Craig, became Fleetwood’s manager. Previously she was vice president of sports management company Hambric Sports.

In late 2016 Tommy and Clare began dating, and in September 2017 they had a son and a few months later they got married.

Clare is 20 years older than Tommy who became stepfather to her two sons from her previous marriage.

Tommy Fleetwood has a close group of friends around him professionally. Best man at his wedding in the Bahamas was Ian Finnis (opens in new tab), his best friend from childhood and now his caddie. Previously Fleetwood’s father had caddied for him.

When asked about having his wife as his agent and his agent as his wife, Fleetwood replied: “It works very well. I do all I’m told when needed to!”

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Fleetwood used to have a clubs sponsorship deal with Nike, until that company stopped making clubs in August 2016. He had a period without a club sponsor, although he still used Nike clubs. He even asked Paul Casey if he could buy one of his Nike sets.

However in late 2020 Fleetwood signed a multi-year deal with TaylorMade which will see him use the brand’s clubs and TP5 golf ball.

But he continues to be sponsored by Nike, for clothing.

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Fleetwood wearing Nike apparel and a Tag Heuer watch (Getty Images)

He is also sponsored by BMW and Tag Heuer.

His partnership with BMW is a long-standing one and the car manufacturer was delighted when at 2015 BMW PGA Championship he got only the third albatross in the history of that tournament.

As a result of this partnership, Fleetwood has a BMW X7.

His sponsorship by Tag Heuer means he wears a Tag Heuer Connected Golf Edition (opens in new tab), a smartwatch costing around $2,500.

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