Meet Emily Braisher, Tyrrell Hatton's wife in this piece.

Who Is Tyrrell Hatton’s Wife?

Tyrrell Hatton has won several times on the European Tour over the past few years and finally got into the winner’s circle on the PGA Tour too at the 2020 Arnold Palmer Invitational. As such he has become a regular fixture of the world’s top-20 golfers in the rankings.

Who has been part of his support team throughout? Well in the piece below we tried to get to know Emily Braisher, Hatton’s wife, a little better.

Who Is Tyrrell Hatton’s Wife?

Hatton tied the knot with Emily Braisher in 2021.

Braisher, born and bred in Buckinghamshire, graduated from Nottingham Trent University and has since decided to travel with Hatton around the world.

She has a blog called Wife on Tour in which she writes about her thoughts, feelings and experiences whilst travelling around with Hatton.

On the website, when she created the website the pair weren’t married but she claimed ‘girlfriend on tour’ didn’t have the same type of ring to it. That being said given the recent wedding, it is now factually accurate!

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Hatton, Emily, (L) Olesen (C) , Pollyanna Woodward and Casey (R) at the 2018 Ryder Cup gala (getty Images)

She goes on to say; ‘The ‘WAG’ (I hate the stereotype that comes along with that acronym) lifestyle can come across as nothing short of glamour and bliss, but in reality being away from home and living out of a suitcase can be really tough at times.’

She has written blogs on The Masters, the US Open at Erin Hills in 2017 but has struggled to maintain the blog due to her hectic schedule with Tyrrell.

Braisher and Hatton’s relationship became a lot more known about at the 2019 Italian Open when Braisher accidentally put Hatton off when he was mid-swing. She did so by shutting a toilet door which led to the funny exchange above.

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As you can see above, they regularly go and play golf together whether it be hitting balls on the range or some crazy golf.