Who Is Tyrrell Hatton’s Coach?

Meet Jeff Hatton, the father and coach of 2018 Ryder Cup rookie Tyrrell Hatton.

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Meet Jeff Hatton, the father and coach of English professional Tyrrell Hatton.

Who Is Tyrrell Hatton's Coach?

Tyrrell Hatton has quickly won three times on the European Tour and become a regular feature of the worlds top-50.

But who is his coach? Below we take a look.

Who Is Tyrrell Hatton's Coach?

According to Hatton's website, his father Jeff is his coach. On it it says; "My dad has always played an important role in my life. He has really helped my technical game when I needed most but the role he plays as dad and mentor drives me on."

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The journey of the Hatton's should best be described by Jeff himself; “I was off single figures, going to the range once a week and playing in the monthly medal – I wasn’t bad, but I started to notice I enjoyed the whole amateur coaching thing with Tyrrell more than I enjoyed playing myself.

“That’s probably because Tyrrell beat me off gross when he was six. It wasn’t even a pitch-and-putt, course either. It was a nine-holer with par-fours. He has always had a short game you could sell for millions. So he was tiny and couldn’t reach the greens, but no worries, he would just chip in. He has had a scratch short game since he was six.”

“We went to a few different coaches – the local pro, county coach,” Jeff said. “It was all good stuff but nothing I wasn’t telling him already".

Colin Montgomerie was Hatton's idol growing up (Getty Images)

“Colin Montgomerie was his role model and his swing was very simple but beautifully effective,” Jeff said. “Tyrrell does not over-practice and, of course, neither did Monty.

“I also think Monty’s influence has a lot to do with how Tyrrell is on the course. If he hit a bad shot he would let you know it and was very intense. But off the course he was a nice friendly guy. Tyrrell is very much like that, although he wouldn’t bellow at anyone else. Just himself."

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