Quiz! European Winners Of The Masters

There have been eight European winners of The Masters. Can you name them all and do so against the clock?

One of the European winners of The Masters, wearing a Union Jack patterned cap and the Masters Green Jacket
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The eight European winners of The Masters

European winners of The Masters might have seemed a fanciful notion at many points in Masters history. Up until 1980 – which was the 44th Masters – only four times had a European even appeared in the top 10 at The Masters. The best finish thus far had been by Englishman Peter Oosterhuis, in 1973, when he came tied for third with two others.

Two Scotsmen working as club professionals in America, Willie Macfarlane and Macdonald Smith, had finished 6th and in a tie for 7th respectively in the inaugural Masters of 1934. Spaniard Ramón Sota came tied 6th in 1965, and Englishman Maurice Bembridge came tied 9th in 1974. That was it.

Then in 1980 European provided not only a winner, but a wire-to-wire winner who finished four shots clear of the field. It was as if a dam had burst. In the first 43 years of The Masters, Europe had had only one player in the top five of a Masters; in the next 17 years Europe was to provide 10 winners of the Green Jacket.

In all, eight Europeans have won The Masters. Can you name then all? You have two and a half minutes to do so. To help, we have given the years that each golfer won. To enter an answer, you need only enter the golfer’s surname. You have two and a half  minutes to name them all. Good luck.

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