We get to know Audrey Leishman, the wife of Australia golfer Marc Leishman in this piece.

Who Is Marc Leishman’s Wife?

Who is the Australian golfer married to? Let’s take a look.

Who Is Marc Leishman’s Wife?

Marc Leishman is married to Audrey.

The pair met in a bar in Williamsburg, Virginia with Leishman in the area to play in a Korn Ferry Tour Monday qualifier.

Audrey was in the bar with friends who were gearing up for a concert but Marc took some dutch courage to go and talk to her.

“I’d had a few beers when I got the courage to go off and talk to her,” Marc told PGATour.com. “It was a pretty quiet bar, and we just hit it off while I was drinking beers.”

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In the golfing world the pair were on the receiving end of many well-wishers and prayers as back in April 2015, Audrey fell ill.

Doctors suspected sepsis, an odd disease otherwise known as blood poisoning.

Marc at that time was preparing for The Masters but he flew home immediately.

“All I remember was a number of hanging antibiotic bags, with fluids being injected into her,” Leishman said.

“Eventually, we were told it was too late. They told us she was going to die. But, somehow, she survived. It happens very quickly. We were lucky with the doctors we had, because they did know about sepsis and could respond accordingly.”

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Following the terrible ordeal, the pair formed the Begin Again Foundation in 2016, which works to bring life’s most pressing needs to families experiencing medical and life crises.

“That was the main motivation behind starting the Begin Again Foundation,” Audrey said.

“We help sepsis survivors, toxic shock survivors and acute respiratory distress syndrome survivors with $1,000 grants.”

Another way they make money is through Leishman Lager, a beer created by Marc in 2016.

It is sold in Virginia Beach and a portion of the profits go to the Begin Again Foundation.

“Our relationship did start in a bar, so it’s pretty cool that we now have this to support what was a pretty rough time,” said Marc.

“We’ve brought something really good from it. The families that we’re helping, it can save them from losing their house, or it can help them just think about getting well rather than how are they going to pay for the electricity bill in the middle of winter?

“It’s awesome, and the way that it all started is even better.”

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