Justin Rose married his wife Kate back in 2006.

Who Is Justin Rose’s Wife?

Former world number one and Major champion Justin Rose is undeniably one of the great English golfers, but who is his wife?

We get to know her in this piece…

Who Is Justin Rose’s Wife?

In 2000 Rose met Kate Phillips, (now Kate Rose) a graduate from the University of Sussex and former international gymnast who had retired from competition and was working at IMG.

IMG was the firm that represented the Englishman and consequently Kate ended up travelling to the tournaments Rose was playing in.

In December 2006 he would marry Kate with the couple having two children together, Leo, born in 2009, and Lottie, born in 2012.

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Justin and Kate at the 2018 Ryder Cup gala (Getty Images)

The pair currently live in The Bahamas at the Albany Resort, which Rose says is a perfect halfway point between America and the UK with a plethora of direct flights to their desired destinations.

After getting married, Rose changed the number on his golf ball to 99 because Kate’s lucky number was 9, therefore he put 99 for double luck.

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Justin and Kate at Wimbledon 2017 (Getty Images)

Kate is now involved with the Kate and Justin Rose Foundation which was set up in 2009, the Foundation aims to help fight childhood hunger in the Orlando area as well as provide education and experiences.

The pair are one of the most recognised couples on tour with Kate regularly appearing at tournaments and events.

Not only this, but Kate also owns her own racehorse which is named ‘Master Merion’ after the venue of his 2013 US Open victory, but according to Justin “the horse’s name had nothing to do with me.”

Kate was also the driving force behind her and Justin funding a new run of ladies tournaments called the Rose Ladies Series, where the couple donated £35,000 to sponsor the events. This series was very successful in 2020 and will be held again in 2021.

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