Francesco Molinari married his wife Valentina back in 2007. Get to know her here.

Who Is Francesco Molinari’s Wife?

2018 Open Champion Francesco Molinari, has become one of the worlds best golfers and has become a huge part of the worlds top-10. A player renowned for his incredible accuracy and consistency, Molinari went on a run last year that s aw him win three tournaments, including the Open Championship, in just six starts. Oh and he also had two second place finishes in that run too which is mind-boggling.

Earlier this year he also won the Arnold Palmer Invitational thanks to a final round 64.

But who is his wife? Well we got to know Valentina a little better in the piece below.

Who Is Francesco Molinari’s Wife?

Molinari has been married to Valentina since 2007 and according to Francesco she plays a huge part in his golf.

Speaking after his Open win Molinari acknowledged just how important his wife was to his golf, especially as she watches him all the time. Afterwards he said; “big credit to my wife that watches me all the time,” Molinari continued. “I don’t know how she does it. I couldn’t do it.”

Valentina and Francesco, who were both born in Italy, married in 2007 back in their homeland before they moved to England where they currently reside.

She has an MBA in London from the European Business MBSC and used to travel with Francesco around the world. However, since having two children together, she is less able to do so much travelling but they rely on Skype anyway.

Molinari said; “We now have Skype for it, we’re fortunate enough to live in an age when technology has made the world so much smaller.”

Their son is called Tomasso but they have not announced the name of their daughter.

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