Golfer's CBD aims to help you enjoy your game by feeling good every time you tee it up. We take a closer look at the brand's wide range of CBD products

Discover Golfer’s CBD Products

Walk past a pharmacy and the chances are you’ll see a Cannabidiol (CBD) product displayed, for it’s widely used to treat pain, anxiety and sleep disorder, as well as a number of medical conditions and illnesses.

And a growing number of golfers are starting to use it, as it’s been shown to help with sleep and recovery – plus many enjoy the calming effect it can offer.

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This is why you may have seen one or two CBD products in your pro shop.

One brand in particular offers a wide selection of different CBD products – Golfer’s CBD.

Founded in 2019, Golfer’s CBD works with the UK’s leading manufacturer to formulate a range of items, all certified THC free, specifically for the needs of golfers – and its available in some interesting – and tasty – forms.

Discover Golfer’s CBD Products

Golfer’s CBD Gummies

Discover Golfer's CBD Products

Discover Golfer’s CBD Products: gummy bears

This is its best-selling product, which is probably down to the fruity taste – plus it’s easy to consume during or before your round.

Golfer’s CBD recommends taking up to four before you play and a couple of extras as your round progresses, up to a maximum of seven per day.

The gluten free gummies can also be taken after your round, or before bed, to aid restful sleep for faster recovery – just be sure to brush your teeth.

The gummies come in a 10mg 10-pack (100mg) and a 10mg 20-pack (200mg).

Golfer’s CBD Jelly Domes

Discover Golfer's CBD Products

The gluten free jelly domes are another popular product, which, again, is partly down to that fruity flavour.

Like the gummies, they’re easy to consume during or before your round.

Golfer’s CBD recommends taking two before you play and an extra one or two as your round progresses, up to a maximum of four per day.

They can also be taken after your round, or before bed, to aid restful sleep for faster recovery.

Consumers have the choice of a 20mg 10-pack (200mg) and a 20mg 20-pack (400mg).

Golfer’s CBD Softgel Capsules

Discover Golfer's CBD Products


Capsules are the easiest to consume and have the least taste.

However, they take longer to enter the system, so the recommended dose is one to two capsules 30 minutes before a round, consumed with a full glass of water.

They are available to buy in a 30 capsule pack. Each capsule is rich in natural cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and phytonutrients.

Golfer’s CBD CBD Oil

Discover Golfer's CBD Products

The mint flavoured CBD oil is popular with golfers looking for more immediate effects – and it comes in various strengths: 5%, 10%, 20% and 30%.

With each product, Golfer’s CBD recommends taking it 15 minutes before teeing off, and holding it under the tongue for 45 seconds, which will help the CBD enter the system quickly.

The number of drops recommended varies according to the strength.

Golfer’s CBD also says many will benefit from a second application during their round.

5% is the lowest strength oil, with each drop delivering 2.5mg of CBD; 10% standard strength, 5mg; 20% medium strength, 10mg; and 30% highest strength, 15mg.

Golfer’s CBD CBG Oil

Discover Golfer's CBD Products

CBG Oil is made from a separate cannabinoid called Cannabigerol, and has been added to the range due to the beneficial effects experienced in trials on the golf course.

For golfers with severe anxiety or nervous disorders like the yips, Golfer’s CBD says it has been successful in reducing symptoms using high strength CBD, and when it added CBG it was able to eradicate them altogether.

Research into CBG is in its infancy, so it’s recommended that you consult your medical advisor if you are taking any prescription medication prior to using it.

The recommended dose is four drops (10mg) to start, then it can be increased as required.

It’s administered under the tongue, where it should be held for two minutes to maximise absorption before swallowing.

Golfer’s CBD Vape Liquid

Discover Golfer's CBD Products

Because of the speed it enters the system, this is one of the brand’s favourite products.

It’s the easiest to consume and can be used regularly over the course of a round.

In fact, it’s convenient to take just before you hit a tee shot, or as you’re about to take a pressure putt.

The 500mg CBD, 30ml vape liquid (1ml =  16.6mg CBD) comes in a range of great flavours, too – grape, strawberry, mint, and mango & blueberry.

To use, you simply insert the E-liquid into a cartridge or atomiser.

Golfer’s CBD Body Salve

Discover Golfer's CBD Products

Available in 60ml (400mg CBD) and 120ml (800mg CBD), body salve is the ideal treatment for treating a golfer’s aches and pains – of which some of us have many.

The formula harnesses the spirit-lifting properties of the hemp plant and is particularly effective in helping ease the symptoms of arthritis, golfer’s elbow, joint pain and back pain.

When applied to the affected area – you should apply a thin layer and massage thoroughly – the CBD works quickly to reduce pain making it ideal to use during play or after your round as part of recovery.

Golfer’s CBD Atomiser Spray

Discover Golfer's CBD Products

This is similar to the CBD oil in how it enters the system, and has the same mint flavour.

However, some golfers prefer it because of how easy it is to measure.

Each spray delivers 15mg of CBD, and the bottle fits nicely into a side pocket.

Golfer’s CBD Gift Boxes

Discover Golfer's CBD Products

When it comes to birthdays and Christmases, it’s sometimes hard to know what to get that golf mad friend or relative.

Here’s something different – and it could end up having a huge impact on their enjoyment levels.

There is a choice of two CBD gift box sets.

One includes 1000mg of CBD oil and 10mg of gummies, while the other also comes with the 400mg body salve.