You may not be able to get out on the course right now, but there are plenty of golf games to play on the internet.

The Best Free Golf Games On The Internet

Playing golf out on real golf courses may have to wait for just a while longer so to make sure you still et that golfing fix, here are some of the best free golf games we have found on the internet.

WGT Golf Challenge

Playing Pinehurst No.2

Play some of the best golf courses in the world on this free game, such as Oakmont, Merion, Pinehurst No.2 Erin Hills, Chambers Bay, Royal St Georges, Pebble Beach, Wolf Creek and more. It is available in HD and once you have got used to the controls is immense fun!

If you need help though David Leadbetter is your official instructor!

Play WGT Golf Challenge here

Arcade Golf

The controls may take a little bit of time to get used to but this game is weirdly addictive. There are only 10 holes to play so you can rattle through them quickly to try and beat your score.

Play Arcade Golf here

Hole 24

Another simple offering from teagames is Hole 24. You guessed it there are 24 levels to complete. The controls on this are slightly simpler than Arcade Golf as you simply have to hold your cursor over the ball and then judge direction and strength.

Play Hole 24 here

Cave Golf

Play golf as a caveman in this game in which you have to avoid volcanos and lava.

Play Cave Golf here

Mini Putt

This is your typical mini golf game. You will find these on most free game sites. I picked this one because it is a personal favourite. Just relax and waste a little time playing this classic game.

Play Mini Putt here

Because of the popularity of this game you can also play Mini Putt 2 and Mini Putt 3 versions

Play Mini Putt 2 here

Play Mini Putt 3 here

Minigolf World

Another simple offering although thesis one of the hardest I tried because the hole is so small. Or I just suck at golf games.

Play Minigolf World here

Other games to try:

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Best golf games on Android – Golf Battle, Mini Golf King, Golf Star

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