10 Golf Fashion Statements

We take a look at 10 golf fashion statements over recent decades

10 Golf Fashion Statements
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We take a look at 10 Golf Fashion Statements of the last 50 years - Displays of sartorial excellence showing golf really is at the cutting edge of fashion.

10 Golf Fashion Statements

Golfers are renowned for their interesting fashion sense and, over the years, there has been the odd questionable choice.

Here we take a look at 10 golf fashion statements through the decades, not all of them good.

10 Golf Fashion Statements

Peter Oosterhuis

Peter Oostherhuis here being congratulated by Gary Player for winning best in show at the 1974 Open Championship.

His medley of blues impressed the judges who thought his summery look and deliberate colour clashing were both innovative and refreshing.

In the background Peter’s caddy waits to ask Mr Player for an autograph.

10 Golf Fashion Statements

Colin Montgomerie

Here Monty lets out a roar of disapproval upon noticing that his caddy is wearing a shell suit and a hair piece.

It turns out his bag man was heading off immediately after the round to a fancy-dress party and he was going as one of “The Scousers” from Harry Enfield.

10 Golf Fashion Statements

John Daly

John Daly confronts a fan who had questioned his sartorial selection for the day.

To say a word on John’s behalf; he’s worn far worse outfits in his time and it was probably fair for him to point that out to the cheeky spectator.

10 Golf Fashion Statements

Tom Kite

Tom Kite here being escorted from the premises at Augusta after he was caught in a shirt that he’d made using fabric stolen from the clubhouse.

Although officials were impressed with his tailoring skills, they were less pleased with the shirt-shaped hole in the dining room curtains.

10 Golf Fashion Statements

Corey Pavin

After attending the first session of a short course in the art of camouflage, here’s Corey Pavin making a beginner’s attempt to blend in…

Title of next week’s session – “Getting the colours right.”

You’ll get there in the end Corey.

10 Golf Fashion Statements

Duffy Waldorf

Duffy Waldorf here sporting the new Fisher Price golf apparel line.

Originally designed for toddlers the company made a brief attempt to break into the adult market and Duffy was their poster boy.

10 Golf Fashion Statements

Woody Austin

Woody Austin takes a step back after catching a glimpse of his reflection in the window of the halfway hut.

He’s suddenly realised that his kids must have got a hold of his golf shirt the previous night and attempted a crude depiction of their last beach holiday on it using crayons and a Sharpie marker…

“Oooh, just you wait till I get home!”

10 Golf Fashion Statements

Shingo Katayama

Shingo Katayama lines up a putt using the trusted method of seeing which of your trouser legs is longer than the other.

If the right one rides up, it’s right to left, and vice versa.

10 Golf Fashion Statements

Doug Sanders

Doug Sanders is famous for that missed putt on the 18th green at St Andrews but he was also something of a fashionista.

Here he is in a simply incredible ensemble he called “pick and mix.”

10 Golf Fashion Statements

Brian Barnes

Every golfer has this nightmare – You turn up to the first tee of an important competition only to realise you haven’t put your trousers on.

Well for Brian Barnes that nightmare became a reality.

But, like a true professional, he soldiered on by attempting to style it out… It nearly worked.

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