Five Essential Garments Every Golfer Needs

To get the right golfer outfit for every season, there are five key garments you should have ready to go in your wardrobe.

Five Essential Garments Every Golfer Needs
(Image credit: Howard Boylan)

Five Essential Garments Every Golfer Needs

With so much attention brought to the equipment we use to play golf, the outfits we wear on the course can often be ignored or left as an afterthought. While the clothes you wear won't directly affect how well you play, they can still have an influence on how comfortable and warm you stay on the golf course. Through the autumn and winter months especially, having the right golf garments stowed away in your wardrobe is vital to enjoying the game all year round. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned veteran of the game, it's important to have the essential golf attire to hand. So, with that in mind, here are the five essential golf garments every golfer should have in their wardrobe. 

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Base Layer & Polo Shirt

FootJoy Thermoseries base layer

(Image credit: Howard Boylan)

The base layer is the foundation of any good golf outfit in colder conditions. If you don't particularly enjoy wearing lots of layers on top of a polo shirt when the weather gets a bit chilly, a baselayer is an ideal garment to utilize. The ThermoSeries baselayer from FootJoy pictured above is a great example it comes with a textured, hex-patterned fabric that is lightweight and well-fitted while still allowing an uninhibited golf swing.

Polo shirts are the next essential garment every golfer should have. Polo shirts are a part of the golf wardrobe where you can have a bit of fun with different colors and prints. It's always a good idea to have a polo that matches a lot of your other parts of the wardrobe so they can be worn with different bits of golf clothing. However, having a bolder, brighter color or an interesting pattern on one or two of the polo shirts in your rotation can allow you to express some personality through what you wear. Don't neglect a good performance fabric in your polo shirt though. Most modern golf polo shirts come with moisture-wicking fabric that draws moisture away from the body to keep you at a regulated temperature throughout the round. 


Next up is the mid-layer, which can be made up of a few different types of garments. The most popular design for a mid-layer is a traditional 1/4 zip, which provides that next layer of warmth on top of a polo shirt and base layer. There are a number of different 1/4 zips out there, from a lightweight one for the springtime to a thicker, thermal one for when the temperature really drops. 

A different type of mid-layer option is a vest or gilet.  Vests are versatile golf garments to have in your golf wardrobe that can be worn over just a polo shirt or a 1/4 zip if it's really cold. Vests are highly adept at blocking out any wind chill you might experience out on the course while still giving you the freedom across your arms to swing the golf club with no restrictions. 

The final type of mid-layer worth considering adding to your wardrobe is the hoodie. Recently into fashion, the golf hoodie has seen a huge take up on Tour as well as on the club scene. Not only is this a great mid-layer for golf but it also looks fantastic off the golf course. There's been a huge move in golf fashion for garments and shoes that can be worn on and off the golf course, and the golf hoodie is a prime example of this. Whichever style of mid-layer you opt for, it is an essential garment to have in your wardrobe. 


FootJoy Thermoseries trousers in charcoal grey

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For the sake of decency on the golf course, trousers are an absolute essential to the wardrobe. For those reading who may not have invested in a new pair of golf trousers for a while, the materials and finishes applied to modern golf trousers have come on leaps and bounds. Firstly is the type of materials that are used. Gone are the days of the firm, heavy materials, and now manufacturers are utilizing super stretchy, lightweight, breathable fabrics that are much more conducive to the golf swing. 

FootJoy Thermoseries trousers wicking away water

An example of the moisture wicking abilities of the FootJoy Thermoseries trousers.

(Image credit: Howard Boylan)

Golf trousers can now handle all weather conditions too. Trousers like the FootJoy Thermoseries have a DWR finish which makes them water-resistant, with water simply beading off the top of the fabric. A top tip for adding a new pair of trousers to your wardrobe is to keep them a neutral color that will match most of the other garments in your wardrobe. Grey is often a favorite as it goes with most colors and means you can have one pair of trousers for pretty much every outfit. 


FootJoy HydroKnit Jacket Review

(Image credit: Future)

The last essential garment that is vital if you're an all-year-round golfer is a good waterproof layer. The best waterproofs on the market are lightweight, breathable, and unintrusive to the golf swing. Modern waterproofs are another golf garment that has come on significantly in terms of the technology used to make the materials. The fabric used in waterproofs often has a DWR finish on it that allows water to bead off so the fabric doesn't become soggy. The FootJoy HydroKnit 1/2 Zip pictured above also features elasticated cuffs around the wrists to keep water and fabric away from your hands. 

Waterproofs also come in a few different styles and some bolder colorways too. The FootJoy Hydroknit features a 1/2 zip but you can also get a full zip waterproof jacket. Most waterproofs now feature seam-sealed zips to stop any water from penetrating the layer as well as zippered hand pockets to allow you to keep your hands and golf accessories dry too. Having a reliable waterproof garment ready to go in the bag is vital for any serious golfer playing all year round.