We put FootJoy's HydroKnit Jacket to the test to see how it performed and stacked up against its popular predecessor

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FootJoy HydroKnit Jacket


  • Really lightweight and comfortable to swing in. The addition of pockets and elastic cuffs take this year's HydroKnit to the next level.


  • The material doesn't feel as premium as the HydroTour and the style is a little basic.


FootJoy HydroKnit Jacket


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FootJoy HydroKnit Jacket Review

FootJoy’s new HydroSeries features a returning favourite in the form of the HydroKnit and we were keen to put it to the test to see how it stacked up against its predecessor. 

It’s one of three great options in FJ’s new waterproof range and with its half-zip design and mid-layer feel, makes it arguably the most versatile of the three. 

The texture and style of the 2021 HydroKnit is quite different to its predecessor

The first thing noticeable is the different texture compared to the 2019 version and there’s a good reason for this. 

Not that the previous edition was heavy or overly bulky, but FootJoy has sought to bring the weight down, with the result being a jacket that is 30 per cent lighter and one that feels not too dissimilar to a mid-layer. It’s a small difference but we definitely felt it as we logged more time on the course.

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The next thing that piqued our interest was the style. We tested the half zip HydroKnit in navy and denim and while it didn’t wow us quite like the FootJoy HydroTour Jacket, it’ll still a fashionable garment for those who put stock into how they look.

Andy Wright on the 17th tee at Royal Troon in his FootJoy HydroKnit Jacket

When actually playing, we couldn’t find a single fault, while there were a couple of real highlights. 

Firstly, due to its lightweight nature and stretch fabric, swinging full out couldn’t be less of an issue – a crucial attribute as we approach the off-season. What stood out most to us, though, was the addition of hand pockets and the waterproof self fabric cuffs. 

In the previous model, the main critique was that there were no pockets anywhere, so FootJoy has rectified that for 2021 and it makes such a difference. Whether storing tees and ball markers or using them to keep gloves dry, they really are a welcome addition.

FootJoy HydroKnit

The elasticated cuffs are such a great feature of the HydroKnit

As are the waterproof self fabric cuffs. These are not only extremely comfortable, but they also cut out the hassle of velcro and negate the risk of having any loose material flapping about and potentially disrupting the swing. How the elasticity holds up over time is the only question mark now. 

But overall, this is a superb upgrade on what was previously a really popular product. It’s lightweight and breathable for those warmer days and will still protect golfers when the weather is at its worst.

It’s available in three colour options – the navy and denim we trialled, or black and grey with lime, and charcoal with bright red and white – so we’re confident there will be something to suit all. 


It's really hard to find fault with the 2021 HydroKnit Jacket from FootJoy. It's lighter than the 2019 version without sacrificing performance, and the addition of pockets and elasticated cuffs is huge. Breathable enough for those changeable conditions while still capable of shielding golfers from the worst of the weather, it’s one of the most versatile jackets you’re likely to find.