Birdies and Bogeys – An Empty Office

With the majority of the GM team up at the Open editorial assistant Paula is left in the office and seems to be enjoying the peace and quiet.

Acting Up: The competitive edge

The golfing actor wants to be centre stage. George decides more rehearsals are needed to lower his handicap, and he doesn't want the other GM bloggers to steal his limelight…

More than a game: Stormy weather

Unseasonal weather has affected everybody this summer. People's homes have been flooded, businesses ruined and the golf.....

Acting Up: Virtual golf

George embraces technology on his final day in Belfast and discovers that there are a some unusual hazards to be avoided in the wonderful world of virtual golf.

From the rough: Secret weapon

Clive realises that willpower alone can only take you so far and his fear of chipping forces him to take a new approach.

Birdies and Bogeys – the golf season proper

GM staffer suggests that the true glory of golf lies in the spine-tingling anticipation and absolute certainty of excellence that occurs before a competitive round.

Acting Up: A golfing paradise

George is the envy of us all this week as he heads to Belfast and the golfers heaven that is Royal County Down.

From the rough: Closet lefties

Clive contemplates the world of the left-handed golfer and why there could be more out there than we think.

More than a game: A busy week

Fergus' wife has barely seen him for the last week. The only way she can keep up with his movements is by reading this blog.

Bradley Dredge: Tour Talk

Check out the first installment of the Welsh star's blog as he lifts the lid on life on and off the European Tour while his blossoming career goes from strength…

British heroes

Welcome to the Golf Monthly staff's latest blog, Birdies and Bogeys, which is about absolutely anything to do with our great game. This is where we will discuss hot topics,…

More than a game: The heat is on

Top professionals thrive on pressure while the average amateur crumbles. Fergus used to dream of being a professional but only in a very amateur way.