Yesterday was the opening ceremony of the Ryder Cup in Kentucky, but you’d never have known it at the First Stage Q School tournament

One of the Q School’s good ol’ boys and one of its newest stars were making the headlines yesterday after the second round of First Stage Q School…

After enduring his usual travel woes en route to major golf events, Bill Elliott is finally installed in the media centre as the ground crews clear up after Hurricane Ike

A confident Chris Wood took a huge step towards securing his future as a professional tournament golfer on Friday (12 Sept) after a 7 under par 65 in his opening…

Fergus always manages to find something to feel stressed about. This week it?s nuclear physics and bending down.

The 2008 European Q School tournament began yesterday (9 September) with three First Stage tournaments, but it was a slow start up in Scotland.

Why do Tour Players neglect their duty to shout fore when they hit an errant shot?