Fergus Bisset: American experiences

Fergus has had a couple of dealings with the Americans this week. They may be very friendly but they're also very strict.

Fergus Bisset: Erratic form

Consistency is a watchword for all elite golfers. Fergus watched the word carefully as it disappeared out of the window at considerable speed.

More than a game: A low point

Fergus is struggling badly and has decided a total golfing de-tox may be the only solution. He's under no illusions about how tough it'll be.

More than a game: A good bet?

Fergus considers the favourite for this week's US Open but allows his mind to stray dangergously onto his own chances of success this season.

More than a game: A major victory

It's a momentous week for Fergus as he picks up his first Major title. It's a little confusing though because he's won it in Devon.

More than a game: A rare blessing

A trip to the Home of Golf, a grudge match against a fellow blogger and an investigation into orthotics. It's been a busy week.

More than a game: Fitness drive

Tiger Woods keeps himself in perfect physical condition. Fergus is attempting to take a leaf out of the great man's book.

More than a game: Fuzzy logic

Fergus looks for inspiration from a failed betting strategy prior to the first Alliance outing of 2008. Yes, that's right: failed betting strategy.