Stinchcombe Hill Golf Club Course Review

For great-value golf with far-reaching views, Stinchcombe Hill Golf Club ticks all the boxes

Stinchcombe Hill Golf Club - General View
Late evening sun at Stinchcombe Hill with the Severn Bridge in the far distance
(Image credit: Geoff Ellis/Golfworking)

Stinchcombe Hill Golf Club Course Review

GF £36 Mon-Fri, £40 Weekend
Par 68, 5,809 yards
Slope 119
GM Verdict A delightfully located and great-value course with plenty of variety and terrific views
Favourite Hole The par-4 5th, Ledge, played along the ridge to a beautifully-sited green cut into the hillside

Stinchcombe Hill is a friendly club situated in a delightfully rural location midway between Bristol and Gloucester. Its lovely course is probably best described as downland, and it sits way up high up at 700 feet above the Severn Valley. As a consequence, there are far-reaching views down over the river and across into Wales.

The original course was almost lost in WW1, and you now play over a design that involved input first from Hawtree and JH Taylor, and subsequently the ubiquitous James Braid. It is now one of the best golf courses in Gloucestershire.

The Front Nine

Stinchcombe Hill - Hole 1

The opening green at Stinchcombe Hill, a short par 4

(Image credit: Geoff Ellis/Golfworking)

The round here begins with a gentle par 4 which takes you to the edge of the ridge, which you then follow for the next 5 holes. With each in excess of 400 yards, then depending on the wind, the next two holes are a far tougher proposition.

Stinchcombe Hill - Hole 3

The third green with the par-3 fourth waiting to the right

(Image credit: Rob Smith)

The 3rd is actually stroke index one, but the challenge doesn’t ease just yet as the 4th is the opening short hole and is over 200 yards, usually into the breeze.

Stinchcombe Hill - Panorama

There are plenty of panoramic views from the opening holes at Stinchcombe Hill

(Image credit: Rob Smith)

As you play the holes along the ridge, it is easy to be distracted by the views away to your left, over the valley, across the river and as far as Wales.

Stinchcombe Hill - Hole 5

Looking back from behind the green at the par-4 fifth

(Image credit: Rob Smith)

The 5th is the first of back-to-back signature holes, a lovely par four played along the level before a slight rise to a green cut into the slope. Anything short or left is going to be in trouble.

Stinchcombe Hill - Hole 6

The sixth is an excellent short hole along the side of the ridge

(Image credit: Rob Smith)

This is followed by a lovely par 3, appropriately named Risky Ridge, played right along the edge of the hill and up to an elevated and well-bunkered green.

Stinchcombe Hill - Hole 9

The front nine finishes with a short hole and the River Severn in the distance

(Image credit: Geoff Ellis/Golfworking)

The next two, both par 4s, head in and then back out to the edge of the hill again, before the third short hole at the 9th which is played from an elevated tee offering far-reaching views behind the green.

The Back Nine

Stinchcombe Hill - Hole 10

The tenth green with the well-bunkered short eleventh just beyond

(Image credit: Rob Smith)

The back nine opens with a very strong par 4, albeit usually wind-assisted, before the shortest hole on the course at eleven.

Stinchcombe Hill - Hole 15

At just 143 yards, the fifteenth is the last of the five par 3s

(Image credit: Rob Smith)

Two mid-length par 4s punctuated by another long one at the 13th come next, and you make your final turn for home at the short 15th.

Stinchcombe Hill - Hole 16

Take an extra club for the elevated approach at the par-4 sixteenth

(Image credit: Geoff Ellis/Golfworking)

The 16th is an attractive drive-and-pitch par 4 which is all about the approach and where the wind may well have an effect that is difficult to anticipate from back in the fairway.

Stinchcombe Hill - Hole 18

The closing hole is a short par 5 back to the clubhouse raising hopes of a birdie

(Image credit: Rob Smith)

You finish with the only par 5 on the course, often into the breeze and with a tricky cross-bunker lurking in the lay-up area.

With two very memorable holes at five and six as well as plenty of interest elsewhere, the course at Stinchcombe Hill Golf Club is well worth seeking out. The green fee is modest, there is a relaxed and friendly welcome in the clubhouse, and even if your game is not behaving, the views over and away from the course will more than compensate.

Rob Smith
Contributing Editor

Rob Smith has been playing golf for 45 years and been a contributing editor for Golf Monthly for over ten years, specialising in course reviews and travel. He has now played more than 1,200 different courses in almost 50 countries. Despite lockdowns and travel restrictions in 2021, he still managed to play 80 different courses during that year, 43 of them for the first time. This included 21 in 13 days on a trip to East Lothian in October. One of Rob's primary roles is helping to prepare the Top 100 and Next 100 Courses of the UK&I, of which he has played all but seven and a half... i.e. not the new 9 at Carne! During the 2021-22 review period, Rob played 36 of the Golf Monthly Top 200. He is a member of Tandridge Golf Club in Surrey where his handicap hovers around 16. You can contact him at