Puttenham's 150+ year-old oak tree in the middle of the first fairway has fallen down

Famous Puttenham Oak Tree Falls Down

The famous oak tree that proudly sat as a Puttenham landmark in the middle of the first fairway of the Surrey course finally succumbed to father time on Tuesday 9th May when it unexpectedly split in half and slumped to the ground.

The tree stood directly in front of the first tee some 100 yards ahead and had to be played over with the tee shot before the approach to the par-4 1st hole.

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Sadly what remained standing of the tree had to be condemned and was carefully removed by greenkeepers.

puttenham oak tree

The split oak tree

The tree features in the club crest of Puttenham Golf Club and was a familiar sight to those who have played the course.

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It was believed to have dated back to when Queen Victoria visited troops at Puttenham Heath in 1858.

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Luckily a second specimen oak tree was planted behind its more illustrious partner on the 1st fairway in late 2002.

This tree, which was planted as a memorial to Keith Gordon, a long standing member of Puttenham Golf Club, now stands alone and takes on the mantle, hopefully for another 150 years, as “the Puttenham oak”.