Best Ecco Biom H4 Shoe Deals

The best Ecco Biom H4 shoe deals on the market at the moment.

ecco biom h4 golf shoe on grass, Best Ecco Biom H4 Shoe Deals
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Several years on from the Biom Hybrid 3, the H4 has been given some big upgrades, making it one of the best golf shoes Ecco has ever made. 

Starting with the looks, we thought Ecco really got it right here. The shoe looks traditional in a lot of ways but also has subtle, modern features that add to the shelf appeal.

As you can see above the outsole is quite striking and adds a pop of colour onto the shoe, but it isn't just about aesthetics here.

The shoe’s uppers are crafted from premium and durable performance leather, made in Ecco’s own tanneries, providing natural protection from wind and water. Gore-Tex technology is then added to make these shoes 100% waterproof and comfortable in all conditions.

Traction and stability come from the new MTN Grip outsole, which features Ecco’s Fluidform technology as well as TPU inserts that secure the foot comfortably in place. 

We found them to be extremely comfortable and because of how well it did in our review (read below), we thought we should try and collate some of the best deals on the shoe. 

Best Ecco Biom H4 Shoe Deals

H4 Shoe Deals

H4 BOA Deals

Additionally, for you BOA fans out there, Ecco took the design further in 2021 with the introduction of a new BOA option on both men's and women's models.

The BOA micro-adjustable system uses unique dial, lace, and guide configurations to give high-quality comfort and fit. 

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