On the east coast of Scotland you’re seldom more than a couple of well-struck 3-woods away from a top quality links golf course. OK, that’s an exaggeration, but from my…

Fergus Bisset – Grail Quest Part 3

Fergus has been to Titleist for a custom fit and learned more about his game in two hours than he has in the last two years.

Fergus Bisset begins the search for a new set of irons in an effort to transform his ailing golfing fortunes.

Fergus Bisset: Highs and lows

Fergus isn't exactly enjoying playing golf at the moment, luckily he is enjoying watching it on TV and it's earning him a bit of cash on the side.

Fergus Bisset: Following the sun

Last week Fergus escaped the grim British winter for a few days in the sun on the Algarve covering the Grand Final of the Volvo Matchplay Championship

Fergus Bisset: A decent proposal

Fergus welcomes the R&A and USGA's proposed "anchoring" rule change. He's a little late in writing about it but, hey, they were a little late in proposing it.

Fergus Bisset: On a knife-edge

The new Bond film has caused Fergus to think about the terrifyingly precarious nature of his golf game

Fergus Bisset: A sure thing?

Fergus is outstanding at betting on golf with the benefit of hindsight. How is he without it?

Fergus considers Paul Lawrie's return to the Ryder Cup 13 years after his last appearance at Brookline in 1999.

Fergus Bisset: Scots Wha Hae!

Fergus Bisset reports from the Association of Golf Writers' Home Internationals at Close House in Northumberland.