We test out the Boot Buddy shoe cleaning device that found fame on Dragon's Den


Will This Product Transform Your Golf Shoes? – Boot Buddy Review

We spend a lot of money on our golf shoes and want them to always look at their best, so a cleaning routine is an absolute must.

On the course, we encounter mud, rain, sand and all sorts of other elements that need to be banished for our shoes to look nice and clean again.

We tested out the Boot Buddy to see just how clean it can make shoes.

Boot Buddy

The Boot Buddy was the brainchild of Arminder Singh Dhillon, who at the age of 15 received backing from three dragons in the BBC’s Dragon’s Den.

He created the device aged 11 as an easy way to clean his football boots after getting fed up of being told off by his mother for bringing mud in to the house

Peter Jones, Debra Meadon and Touker Suleyman each invested £20,000 for a combined 30% share of the business.

Key Information

UK Buy Now at Amazon for £16.99

US Buy Now at Amazon for $19.99

The device comes in a range of colours and can be used on most types of footwear, from trainers to football boots to golf shoes.

To fully test out the Boot Buddy, I went out for a walk in my beloved adidas Tour360 XT SL shoes and got them as muddy as I possibly could.

This was a very painful experience but luckily the Boot Buddy was able to get them clean again.

As the pictures show, the Boot Buddy did a very good job in cleaning them and restoring the shoes back to their former glories, and this barely took five minutes.

It also did a good job on the Boost white section, which I’ve always struggled to fully clean on adidas shoes.

It did struggle a bit with the soles, which have a unique spikeless traction system, but would work easily with most golf shoe soles – especially spiked and cleated models.

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The Boot Buddy feels very well made and comes with a strong and sturdy brush to help get mud and dirt off of the shoes.

It is capable of holding 300ml of water, which is fed through the brush at an adjustable rate.

This is designed to save water, and it does just that, but does make the Boot Buddy feel quite heavy during use.

The scraper section is a very handy tool to use for the bottom of the shoes, where most of the mud collects.

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I found that it sprayed mud around, getting mud on my arm and kitchen cabinets.

This was easily cleaned and perhaps was an error on my part.

One of its fantastic selling points is its portability so I’d recommend filling it up with water and using outdoors.

I purchased the product on Amazon for £16.99, where there’s a number of different colour options and plenty of stock on the site and at other retailers.

Boot Buddy

UK Buy Now at Amazon for £16.99

US Buy Now at Amazon for $19.99


  • Well made with a strong brush and useful scraper tool
  • Does the job it is intended to do
  • Portable and small in size
  • Saves water, no need for constant use of a tap
  • Barely takes five minutes to turn muddy shoes into clean shoes


  • Feels heavy to hold when full with water
  • Brush sprayed mud up my arm when using
  • Some may feel it’s expensive for what it is

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