The Titleist Players 4 Stadry Stand Bag has been chosen for our Editor's Choice List in 2021

Titleist Players 4 Stadry Stand Bag

Titleist has been consistently making classy, stylish and practical golf bags for a wide range of golfers and the Players 4 Stadry stand bag is another high quality bag in its range. 

The Stadry name is synonymous with market-leading waterproof protection and the materials and seam sealed zips used on this bag are exemplary at keeping water out and keeping your belongings safe in bad weather.

Titleist Players 4 Stadry Stand Bag

The added rain hood to go over the top of the club means, as long as you’re quick, this bag is impenetrable during sudden downpours or sustained rain. 

We loved how sturdy this bag felt in adverse weather conditions and the stand mechanism is easy to open and very solid when put down.

This is another reason why the Players 4 Stadry is great in adverse weather conditions as this bag can stay standing on even the windiest day and on the steepest slope. 

Lightweight But Practical

This bag also weighs just 1.7kg, well below the 2kg of most lightweight and waterproof competitors.

This is thanks to the high-grade aluminium legs that help save weight while still remaining solid. 

Though this bag is very light, it still comes with plenty of storage for clubs and accessories alike.

The low-profile top cuff has four full-length dividers meaning no club crowding, even if you’re carrying a full set of 14, and a half-set won’t clunk around in thanks to the compact size of the top. 

The pockets on this bag have been well proportioned and cleverly positioned with the new, larger beverage pocket being positioned for easy access when walking with the bag.

There is also a spacious full-length apparel pocket, which is great for storing extra clothing and waterproofs, and the accessories pocket uses a magnetic closure system for quick and easy access.

The new double strap rounds the Players 4 Stadry bag off perfectly and Titleist has added a padded back hub for extra comfort when walking around the course.

Light, waterproof and with plenty of storage, this bag is a true all-rounder for any golfer. 

Titleist Players 4 Stadry Stand Bag