With the lockdown still in effect here are a list of the best training aids to use at home.

Best Training Aids To Use At Home

The Coronavirus pandemic may have taken away our ability to get to the golf course and play but that doesn’t mean all golf should stop.

No, this is the time to work on your game at home whether it be in terms of your stance, posture, grip, technique, putting or whatever the case may be.

Importantly a lot of this can be worked on by just using a mirror, however there are training aids that we recommend getting as well which will help you get a golfing fix before getting back out on the course!

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Best Training Aids To Use At Home

PuttOUT Mirror Trainer with Gate

The PuttOUT Mirror Trainer with Gate make it possible for golfers to get instant feedback on their practice.

Anywhere Golf Hole Training Aid

This silicone aid’s slight incline promotes perfect speed and lets you practice your putting anywhere.

FORB Home Golf Putting Mat

Available at 10 and 12 feet, FORB’s home putting mat is extremely popular right now on Amazon.

PuttOUT Putting Mat

Complete with printed alignment guides, target points and distance markings, the mat replicates a medium-to-fast green. Improve your putting stroke and work on drills in the comfort of your own home.

Pure 2 Improve Putt Path

This training aid teaches the correct putting stroke path, proper acceleration and how to square the clubface.

PuttOUT Pressure Putt Training Aid

This scientifically designed aid has a parabolic curve which has a rubber target that is the exact size of a hole. It also returns all missed putts back to you.

Putt’n’Hazard Practice Putting Mat

Great for the office or at home, you can practice your pressure putting anytime with this mat.

Brand Fusion Tour Alignment Sticks 

These sticks will help you with your alignment in a simple way and cheap price.

SKLZ Putt Pocket

This is the perfect target for practising at home, office or just about anywhere.

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