Bill Elliott

Bill Elliott
A Masterclass In Power And Control

He didn’t wait to tap in the final, winning putt, didn’t milk the moment, didn’t veer away from the nonchalant, laid-back, sleepy character that had taken him to victory at…

Anything is possible

Few players have experienced the range of emotions endured by Rory McIlroy over the last decade. Elation, disappointment, eager anticipation, surprise, regret, the Wee Man has soared and suffered as…

A Life Story Like No Other

He was there again this afternoon at the Masters, looking much as he did all those years ago, still slim, still wearing his serious face and still tilting at the…

Bill Elliott - 50 Years In Golf

In this special feature, Bill Elliott picks out some of his favourite moments from half a century covering the game.

Why Sports Journalists Are As Important As Ever

In this era of instant access to information and platforms like Twitter connecting players with fans, has the importance of journalists diminished? Not at all, according to our editor-at-large