Experienced physiotherapist, Suzanne Clark, has written a book called Play Golf Forever: a Physiotherapist’s Guide to Golf Fitness and Health for the Over 50s, a sister title to her earlier Play Tennis Forever.

Spending a little time doing specific exercises can be hugely beneficial, but playing golf alone is, sadly, not enough, as Suzanne explains: “The big misconception is thinking, ‘Oh, playing golf is my exercise’. It’s about understanding how your muscles decline in strength naturally, and even though you are playing golf, you’re not doing specific strengthening exercises, so your muscles will still decline.” Thankfully, there are even some beneficial exercises you can do without even leaving your chair…

From the comfort of your chair
You can increase muscle strength simply by a slight adjustment to the way you get up from a chair. We tend to push ourselves up using the chair’s arms, but standing up without holding on uses your bodyweight as resistance, so you will exercise your leg muscles more simply by working them harder.

Do this three times every time you get up and that’s a lot of extra exercise every day. Further exercises from the comfort of your own chair require a resistance band (available in different strengths and lengths to suit). Wrap it round both hands about shoulder-width apart, hold your arms out in front of you and then pull them away to the sides.

The resistance in the band gets the muscles in your shoulders and back working. Stop when you first feel slightly fatigued, then build it up as you get stronger. You can also work on the back muscles needed for rotation by tucking one end of the band under one leg and rotating your whole body away, holding the other end with the opposite hand. Do this on both sides.

Check out our short video series highlighting some of the key exercises and suggestions Suzanne gave GM’s very own over 50s golfer, Jezz Ellwood, on a recent visit to the Golf Monthly offices…

Pre-round five-minute warm-up

Resistance band swing exercises

Post-round cool down

Improve your balance

Important Medical Disclaimer
If the reader or viewer has any existing medical conditions or requires individual advice, they should check with their GP or appropriate healthcare professional before undertaking any exercise or stretching programmes. No responsibility is assumed for any loss or damage caused, or allegedly caused, as a result of following the advice given.