Experienced physiotherapist, Suzanne Clark, has written a book called Play Golf Forever: a Physiotherapist’s Guide to Golf Fitness and Health for the Over 50s, a sister title to her earlier Play Tennis Forever.

The golf swing may not be aerobically demanding, but all the twisting places great stress on the lower back, in particular. As Suzanne explains in the book, we are all fighting the effects of sarcopenia, in which skeletal muscle mass and strength begin to decline from the age of 30, almost imperceptibly at first, but then typically to the tune of 30 or 40 per cent by 70 years of age. These resistance band exercises will help work many of the muscles used in the golf swing…

Resistance band golf swing exercises
A resistance band can be a very useful, versatile and inexpensive piece of equipment for the over 50s golfer. This great resistance band exercise from a standing position helps exercise and strengthen the muscles needed in the golf swing.

Hold the band in place beneath your feet with the ends in both hands, start at the address position with your legs slightly flexed and then bring the band up slowly to shoulder height with both hands. That’s an exercise in its own right, but if you want to take it a little further, repeat this, but when your hands get to shoulder height, turn your body round one way and back, and then the other way and back – as you would in a golf swing – before relaxing again slowly.

It’s important to prevent muscle imbalance, so make sure there’s a symmetry to all your exercises and that you aren’t favouring one side over another. This exercise will work all sorts of muscles needed in the golf swing to varying degrees.

We have put together a short video series highlighting some of the key exercises and suggestions Suzanne gave GM’s very own over 50s golfer, Jezz Ellwood, on a recent visit to the Golf Monthly offices…

Pre-round five-minute warm-up

Exercises from the comfort of your own chair

Post-round cool down

Improve your balance

Important Medical Disclaimer
If the reader or viewer has any existing medical conditions or requires individual advice, they should check with their GP or appropriate healthcare professional before undertaking any exercise or stretching programmes. No responsibility is assumed for any loss or damage caused, or allegedly caused, as a result of following the advice given.