Long-time physiotherapist, Suzanne Clark, has written a book called Play Golf Forever: a Physiotherapist’s Guide to Golf Fitness and Health for the Over 50s, a sister title to her earlier Play Tennis Forever.

Suzanne has founded an organisation called Fitter Forever to advise over 50s sports lovers how to stay fit and healthy enough to cock a snook at Old Father Time. The books explain in layman’s terms how your body works as you play golf or tennis, and how you can help yourself by, among other things, strengthening key muscles to prevent injury.

Pre-round five-minute warm-up
The warm-up is very important for injury prevention. You need to get the blood flowing through your body so that you warm your muscles up, and that involves increasing your heart rate a bit. You can do it up to 30 minutes before playing, potentially at home if you warm-up well enough.

1) Jogging on the spot for perhaps a minute is a good idea as this warms up your whole body.

2) Next, make windmill movements with your shoulders specifically, but do it gently rather than frenetically!

3) Now you need to warm up the joints and muscles in your legs, so a lunge is a good idea – just a nice slow stretch, rather than bouncing, at least three times on each leg.

4) Once you are warmed up, it’s a good idea to take your joints through the whole range of movement needed in the golf swing, complete with club. But full force isn’t required as this is not a strength exercise – you’re just preparing your muscles for the movement. This should be your minimum pre-round warm-up.

We have created a short video series highlighting some of the key things Suzanne told GM’s very own over 50s golfer, Jezz Ellwood, on a recent visit to the Golf Monthly offices. Check out the other videos here…

Exercises from the comfort of your chair

Resistance band swing exercises

Post-round cool down

Improve your balance

Important Medical Disclaimer
If the reader or viewer has any existing medical conditions or requires individual advice, they should check with their GP or appropriate healthcare professional before undertaking any exercise or stretching programmes. No responsibility is assumed for any loss or damage caused, or allegedly caused, as a result of following the advice given.