As we all know the flop shot is one of the most dangerous in the game – especially if you don’t have a close understanding for how to play the flop shot in golf. Duff and thin strikes can quickly turn a chance of a par into a card-wrecking disaster. The truth is, this is not a shot many amateurs practice and so it makes sense to have safer alternative to rely on. Rick Shiels’ flop shot made easy easy explains how you can do this…

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If you fall into this category, try this. Set up to the ball as if you were playing a full pitch shot. Aim the clubface at the target and then stand perfectly square to your ball to target line. Now open the clubface a fraction – you’ll notice how it starts to aim to the right of the target. Now aim your body further to the left until the clubface is aiming at the target. Finally, set 65% of your weight on your left foot. This is your ideal set up position. With the swing itself, hinge your wrists early and then try to keep the clubface aiming at the sky in the finish position. If you can follow this simple step-by-step guide, you’ll be able to cut the legs from underneath it and hit a high-flying, soft landing flop shot much more consistently. This is the key to understanding how to play the flop shot in golf.

1 Square to open

Set up square, then open the face of your wedge so that it points right. Shuffle your feet to aim left until the clubface is aiming at the target.

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2 Wrist hinge

Start the swing by hinging your wrists. This opens the clubface to help you maximise the loft on offer through impact.

3 Finish position

Notice how the clubface is not pointing to the left of the target. It is aiming more upwards – feel that you are retaining the loft of the club for longer after impact to achieve this.