Chip And Run Technique Explained

In this must watch video, Dan Grieve, Head Professional at Woburn Golf Club, demonstrates a super drill to help you play the chip and run shot.

This shot is certainly one that you need to have in your armoury – so be sure to give the video a watch.

Chip And Run Technique Explained

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Common Faults

One of the most common faults I see with the chip and run is where a player sets their weight onto the back foot in an attempt to try and help the ball into the air.

All this does is make the low point of the swing too far behind the ball.

The result? Plenty of fat and thin strikes.

The low point of the swing is where the sole of the club is nearest to the ground.

When striking the ball, we are looking to have this low point just ahead of the ball.

Finding The Low Point

To help find the low point and therefore get a consistent contact, practice by setting up to the ball as normal and bring your right foot all the way back behind you, so you’re on your toes.

Chip And Run Technique Explained

When doing this drill, you’ll find all your weight is now on the left side.

The goal is to make sure you stay in this position as you hit the shot.

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By replicating this drill, you should find yourself starting to strike the ball much more cleanly.

Additionally, it helps you to develop that feeling of just how the weight should be staying on your left side as you chip.

With the chip and run technique explained – and with a little work on this drill – you’ll be better equipped to make more up-and-downs.