Gary Munro

Gary Munro

Top 50 Coach

Location: Pitch Golf London & Bedfordshire Golf Club

Gary is Director Of Golf at Pitch London. He is involved in the launch of the next Pitch site in Soho, which will open up the game to all levels. He is a big believer in equality and showcasing how fun golf can be for everyone. Gary has also coached at county level, and as County Manager has overseen a number of league wins for the U18s (Bedfordshire). 

Teaching philosophy:

I don’t have a set model of swing that I coach and force on people - but impact and ball flight are everything, so I work it back from this. What impact characteristics does this player need to hit the shots and shoot the best score? 

Advice for practice:

Split your practice into three sections: technical practice, skill practice (working on hitting different shots, for example, high, medium, low shots and shaping the ball) and finally pressure practice. 

Students learn best when…

They self-discover. I don’t believe in coaches jumping on a player shot by shot giving more and more conflicting information, which can become confusing. I like my players to learn about their tendencies. I ask questions, allowing them to learn when they move well and why it’s good. I do the same for bad shots and ask them what they think caused that. Let them self-evaluate an answer so they develop the skill.