Strong and slight arc putting tips

You need to make a decision as to whether you want your stroke to have a strong arc or to be relatively straight-back-and-through (there is no such thing as a perfectly straight stroke because the shaft of the putter is angled and you are standing to the side of the ball). Which of these options you go for is down to personal preference – I am not advocating one over the other. However, once you decide which suits you best it is important to understand how the set up and stroke are different. For a stronger arc there should be a little bit more shoulder rotation both back and through. The putter will move on the inside on the way back, return to square through impact and then move inside again on the way through. It is just like a mini version of your full swing.

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Slight arc stroke

If you want to create a straighter stroke you need to make two slight changes. Stand closer to the ball, your wrists will be higher at address and the heel of the putter might even come off the ground, and stand a little taller at address. These help the shaft to hang more perpendicular to the ground which will naturally allow the putter to move on a straighter arc.

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Stroke length

Whatever the length of the putt you face, it is always a good idea for the backswing to be longer than the follow through. So many putting-related problems stem from players decelerating through impact and I think it is always worth concentrating on this in practice. If you are putting on slow greens the through swing should be twice as long as the backswing. On average speed greens think ‘one’ back and ‘one and a half’ through. On fast greens, think ‘one’ back and ‘one and a quarter through’.

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Breakdown recovery

If you have been struggling with your putting, one area worthy of consideration alongside our strong and slight arc putting tips, is your left wrist. Often, this breaks down through impact causing a ‘flicking’ action that makes distance control almost impossible. Concentrate on keeping your left wrist firm and make sure your lead arm swings past where the ball was at address. This will make your stroke much more solid and also help you find that gentle acceleration we are looking for.