Which Hand Leads In Putting?

Dan Grieve, head pro at Woburn Golf Club, answers the question

Which hand leads in putting?
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In this video, on which hand leads in putting, Dan Grieve, Head Professional Woburn Golf Club, offers some fantastic advice to help you improve on the greens

Which Hand Leads In Putting?

Knowing Your Tendencies

Here's a question I often get asked: which hand leads in putting? The answer is, it really depends on your tendencies as a golfer - this is the key.

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Which Hand Leads In Putting?

Say you're a player who pushes putts to the right - you may want to feel like you have a little bit more right-hand release in your stroke to get the ball starting on-line.

If you’re a golfer who tends to pull putts to the left, you may want to be a little bit more leading with your left hand so you can get the putter squarer through the ball.

Watch the video above and this will become a lot clearer.

It's worth stating, there have been players who have putted very well with both styles over the years.

Right Hand

Setting up with the right hand, you want to try to feel that it is going to release a little bit more. You also want to try and watch how the butt of the grip works as you go through the ball.

So, for someone who is a little bit more dominant with their right hand in the stroke, the butt of the grip will point more at the belt buckle as you go through the ball and that means the putter is releasing.

Which Hand Leads In Putting?

Another thing to look out for is that the toe is slightly turning over the heel. This allows the putt to start on-line.

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Left Hand

If you are hitting it to the left too much, then make sure that the left hand is a bit firmer and is leading a little bit more. This means that the butt of the grip is pointing more towards the left-hand side of your hip at the end of the stroke, rather than the belt buckle.

Both methods work well, so it is up to you to self-diagnose. Using the gate drill (placing two tees just wider than a ball's width apart about a foot closer to the target than the ball at address) will help with this, as you’ll see if your ball is hitting the right-hand tee or the left-hand tee.

The drill will also determine if you're a 'pusher' or a 'puller', meaning you can have a go at using more of a dominant right hand or a dominant left hand depending on your tendencies.

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If any of this is unclear, be sure to watch the video above - it may help you to dramatically improve your stroke and hole more putts.

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