what is a stack and tilt golf swing?

In this exclusive video, Paul Foston asks what is a stack and tilt golf swing? This unique approach to weight transfer might hold the key to a better game.

What is a stack and tilt golf swing?

The ‘Stack and Tilt’ technique was a method that became popular about 10 years ago. It is rarely taught these days but is still referred to in commentary from time-to-time and it’s a technique that is well worth knowing and understanding. I also think it can be used as an excellent training drill but what is a stack and tilt golf swing?

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The principle behind the stack and tilt is that you pre-set the impact position at address. This means that you start the swing with 60% of your weight on your left side (as you would have through impact) and then retain that weight positioning from address to the top and then down to impact. At the top, the swing looks a little like a ‘reverse pivot’ but your weight does not fall back, it stays over your left side.

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The classical way of swinging the golf club involves splitting your weight 50/50 at address. As you take the club back and rotate your upper body, your weight then naturally moves onto your right side. Around 80% of your weight would be on your right side at the top but then as you drive through the downswing, you shift your weight towards the target. This flowing movement is, to me, the most natural way of swinging the golf club.

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Where I think stack and tilt can help a player is if they have a tendency to get stuck on the back foot through impact. If you hit a lot of shots fat or struggle with a slice, the stack and tilt is a useful drill. Set your weight on your left side at address and then keep it there as you swing. This will really improve the quality and accuracy of your ball striking and give you a great feeling for where your body needs to be through impact.