If you need to spice up your range sessions with some fun golf practice drills, these two from Ladies European Tour star Carly Booth could be just what you’re after

The 25-year-old became Britain’s youngest ever club champion at the age of 11, before turning pro aged 17. The Scot has since made 136 starts on the Ladies European Tour, including seven top 10s and two wins at the 2012 Aberdeen Asset Management Ladies Scottish Open and the 2012 Deutsche Bank Ladies Swiss Open.

Play A Round On The Range

We all know how important visualisation is during your pre-shot routine. It helps you to work out the wind, your shot shape and where you want to land the ball, so it makes sense to practice it as part of your range routine.

To do this, Carly recommends you ‘play a round’ when hitting balls on the range. For example, if the 1st hole you usually play has a 40-yard wide fairway, give yourself a 40-yard landing area between two targets. If your second shot with a good drive is then usually a 7-iron, hit a 7-iron to a specific target on the range. For each shot you should go through your full pre-shot routine to make your practice as life like as possible.

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Fun golf practice sessions also tend to be more productive, so try a few fun variations of this game. Why not play the ‘1st hole’ trying to hit a fade for every shot and then on the ‘2nd hole’ hit draws on every shot? If you’ve hit a wild drive, practice punching a low shot back into play from ‘the trees’, or why not practice a flop shot if you hit a wayward approach ‘the wrong side of bunker’.

Set Yourself Targets

We’ve all had fun trying to hit the ball collector on the range, so it makes sense that adding a challenge to your practice session is a great way to get the competitive juices flowing. When Carly practices she likes to set herself a target to hit before she can head home or back to her hotel when on tour, such as hitting five fairways in a row, or hitting the 50-yard marker.