Carly Booth became Britain’s youngest ever club champion at the age of 11 before turning pro aged 17, becoming the youngest Scot to do so.

She won her first Ladies European Tour title at the 2012 Aberdeen Asset Management Ladies Scottish Open and followed that with victory at the Deutsche Bank Ladies Scottish Open the same year. She also famously posed naked for ESPN’s The Body Issue.

Carly Booth swing analysis

The first thing to note in Carly’s technique are her lines at address. Her textbook alignment and posture mean that from this position she is far more likely to be able to get the club working on a good swing path. Also, notice how tension free she looks – this is the epitome of an athletic address position where she is really to make a full, free-flowing swing.

Notice how passive she remains in the takeaway – no huge weight shift and as the club moves away she keeps her lower body nice and still. This is essential for good ball striking.

At the top of the backswing, which is quite compact, her upper body has rotated 90˚ while her hips have only moved around 45˚ – this is a textbook rotation and the difference in the two angles is what creates torque for important power in the downswing.

As she moves into the downswing her weight shifts onto her left side and her hips clear. This is a really powerful move that every amateur should try to replicate. She doesn’t hit down too much on the ball, instead she has the ideal angle of attack here for a mid iron.

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Carly Booth also retains the spine angle she set at address all the way through impact – another essential element to solid ball striking.