what does 'fanning' the golf club mean?

In this exclusive video, Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach Paul Foston asks what does 'fanning' the golf club mean?

As coaches, we often see players who ‘fan’ the club in the backswing but what does 'fanning' the golf club mean? This refers to when the hands become too active in the takeaway, whipping the club away on the inside and usually opening the face. This position here illustrates what we are referring to. This often happens to players who struggle with a slice. They know they should be trying to get the club working from inside the ball-to-target line through impact but this translates into an inside-the-line takeaway.

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The problem is that if you fan the club in the takeaway and then rotate your body as normal, the plane of the swing becomes far too shallow. From there, the only way to make a reasonable contact is to come ‘over the top’ on the way down. This is one of the most common causes of the slice.

Fix Your Slice

Instead what you should be looking for is a passive takeaway. The club moves away from the ball first then your hands and then your body. Your wrists should only hinge once you are finished with the initial takeaway phase of the swing. This will set the club working on a much better path from the start of the golf swing - how takeaway and swing path are linked. From there you should be able to swing to the top before dropping the club into the ideal delivery position on the way down.

The takeaway is one of the most important moves in the golf swing. Get it right and you will start the club moving on a good path and the correct moves will naturally follow from there. Work on this move when you get the chance - you can eve do it from home and you should start hitting the ball with more power and accuracy.