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Titleist TS2 and TS3 Hybrids First Hit Review

I was one of the first journalists in the country to test the new Titleist TS hybrids. It was at the beautiful Adare Manor, recently announced as the host of the 2026 Ryder Cup, just prior to the Irish Open under the watchful eye of Titleist Product Specialist James Robinson.

What was interesting was how we started the test by hitting a 4-iron. Confused? Well hybrids need to hit the right gaps in the top end of the bag in terms of carry distance and it starts by knowing how far you hit your longest iron, which in my case is a #4.

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Armed with that info, we tested 21° hybrids in both the TS2 and TS3. As a player of the Callaway Apex 19 hybrid, one of the smallest on the market, I naturally assumed I would be more of a TS3 kind of guy.

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Yet, the TS2 was a revelation. Easier to strike and more symmetrical in shape, it suited my eye more and produced much better results than the TS3. The TS3 has a new shape with more offset and squarer toe, of which I wasn’t a huge fan but I know many golfers will prefer this more iron-like shape.


The TS2 (left) and TS3 behind the ball

The larger TS2 was around 4mph quicker in terms of ball speed according to the Trackman, yet spun at a similar level to TS3 – 4400 rpm. This may well be because the strikes with TS3 were less efficient (less centred), causing them to spin more than they should.

In summary, the TS2 was nine yards longer on average and flew on a similar trajectory to the TS3 in terms of height, although centred hits seem to fly a little longer and stronger than the TS2 with a little more chase on landing.

From this initial hitting experience, the TS2 was unquestionably my club of choice but factor in the U500 and U510 utility iron alternatives and the choice becomes harder. Both are great options, ones I would certainly consider, especially the U510 in a lower loft – I could stripe a two-yard fade with the 1-iron all day!

It just goes to show how you need to go into a fitting for a hybrid/utility iron club(s) with an open mind – don’t assume one will work better for you, wait to see the results.

Observe the flight, the distances, the consistency and take note of which one looks the best to your eye. I think one of the main reasons I hit the TS2 hybrid better was because I preferred the look of it at address.