Key technology
A feature across Srixon’s new Z 355 family is Action Mass Technology, whereby more weight is placed in the clubhead to increase ball speed. This is combined with a higher balance-point shaft, ensuring the overall weight of the club isn’t affected.

The 211g clubhead also aids stability, helping mid-to-high handicap golfers achieve more distance and accuracy on off-centre hits. Forgiveness comes courtesy of Srixon’s Ti Booster Cup Face, which has been designed to create faster ball speeds from a larger face area.

Loft options
9.5°, 10.5° and 12° with 12 adjustable loft and face-angle settings.

Will suit
Those who prefer a traditional look to their driver, as well as a combination of distance and forgiveness.

GM verdict
The Z 355 head is more rounded than most others on the shelves. It’s very traditional in its all-black appearance and while there’s no alignment aid, visibility of the face angle is helped by the contrast between the black crown and silver face. It sits slightly toed-in at address and there’s lots of loft on show, helping the driver’s target golfer, the game-improver.

Initially, you can feel the extra weight in the head, but it doesn’t feel cumbersome to swing. As someone who tends to pull the ball, delaying the arrival of the clubface seemed to help my dispersion. Stability at impact is also impressive, the feel is solid and the loud, metallic sound screams power. Strikes from across the entire face performed well, and forgiveness is aided by the many face-angle settings that should help tighten your start lines.

While Srixon’s 355 Series may be mostly targeted towards game improvers, the spectrum of players that could put this driver in play is arguably much wider. Higher handicappers will appreciate the forgiveness on offer while faster swingers might find their timing and accuracy improves with a heavier clubhead. Certainly a model worth trying for yourself.