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Bryn Evans
Current handicap: 14
Home Club: Mitcham Golf Club
Current Equipment line up:
Driver: Ping G20
Fairway wood: Ping G25, 15°
Hybrid: Ping G25, 20°
Irons: Callaway X-Hot, 5-GW
Wedge: Nike V-Rev 56°
Putter: Benross Casino Shuffle


Bryn is a 14 handicap golfer with a mixed bag of clubs. Some had been custom fitted and some hadn’t and the task fell on Ping Product specialist Ed James to gain performance through the bag with the new G range.

“Bryn’s G20 driver wasn’t fitted for him, it was bought off the shelf,” Ed told GM. “The Ping G SF Tec gained him 20 yards straight away and his dispersion was nearly 50 per cent tighter because his slice was reduced significantly due to the heel weighting in the head. We also brought his spin down by over 1000 rpm, which helped massively.”

Bryn was constantly fighting drives that flew high and to the right so having the SF Tec driver as an option has really saved his game. But did he like the Ping G driver for looks, feel and sound as well?

“I went to a stiff shaft, I used a regular shaft in my G20, the Ping G SF Tec allowed me to hit longer and straighter drives pretty much instantly,” Bryn told GM after his fitting. “It looks brilliant at address and sounds great off the face. I didn’t think there would be such a big difference between G20 and G models but it just goes to show modern technology does make a difference.”

Bryn was also able to go for game-saving SF Tec versions in the 3-wood and 5-wood, an option not many companies offer.

“My Ping G25 hybrid is my favourite club in my bag so I thought I would have more hybrids than fairway woods. But the SF Tec has been brilliant to hit and all improved my distance and accuracy. My slice is almost eliminated now. I did try the Crossover but it wasn’t for me, I felt more comfortable with hybrids.”

Bryn also gained six yards of carry distance with the Ping G irons over his current Callaway X Hot irons, which he was fitted for a few years ago.
New equipment line up
Driver: Ping G SF Tec, 10°
Fairways: Ping G SF Tec 16° and 19°
Hybrid: Ping G 22°
Irons: 5-LW
Putter: Cadence TR Craz-e-r