Cheap v Expensive Driver Test

In this video, Neil Tappin tests two new drivers that sit at opposite ends of the price spectrum

Cheap v Expensive Driver Test
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In this video, Neil Tappin tests two new drivers that sit at opposite ends of the price spectrum

Cheap v Expensive Driver Test

Both designed to help maximise forgiveness and distance, the Benross Delta and TaylorMade SIM Max come with very different price tags.

We wanted to discover what you would be giving up on if you opted for the less expensive option. Our cheap v expensive driver test should provide the answer!

Cheap v Expensive Driver Test

Benross Delta - RRP £179 - Buy Now

TaylorMade SIM Max - RRP £449 - Buy Now


Starting with the TaylorMade, the entire package here looks ultra-premium whether it be from the sole design down to the head-cover. It looks modern, high-tech and importantly, down behind the ball it looks absolutely stunning.

The combination of the colours, along with the carbon fibre and forgiving-looking head, TaylorMade have created an excellent looking driver that looks modern in a classic head-shape.

Shifting to the Benross, the look and feel of the head-cover is excellent. Then after taking it off, Benross have done a great job on the looks of the driver by avoiding the temptation of putting too many bells and whistles on the head.

It is a very classic design and behind the ball it has a mid-grey finish which looks very smart.

Benross Unveil New Delta Driver


In terms of sound, the TaylorMade has a rather muted and powerful impact sound.

The Benross has a higher-pitched impact sound which is similar to many premium models currently on the market.

On Course Test

This test took place on the 10th hole at West Hill. Three balls were hit with each driver to basically test the length and accuracy of each of them.

Neil hit three good drives with the TaylorMade and two with the Benross.

Neil felt there was a significant difference between the lightness of the Benross shaft compared to the TaylorMade and as a result the TaylorMade felt more controllable, slightly straighter and went slightly further too.

That being said the Benross did still perform well. On the well-struck shots they went a good distance and had good accuracy but it seemed the TaylorMade had slightly better performance.


This was very much an off the rack test. Neil was fitted for neither of the drivers on test, both were nine degrees in loft and both drivers had stiff Fujikura shafts, although slightly different in model which could have had an impact on the performance.

Speaking of total performance, Benross have kept things very simple with the Delta driver. It looks like it has more of a premium price tag, the feel and sound will suit a lot of golfers, and the performance in terms of distance and power was very good.

The one area in which Neil felt it lacked was in control and this could have been partly due to the shaft spec which might not have been right for Neil's swing.

Having said that, for the price tag what you are getting with the Benross Delta is a very good product indeed that a lot of golfers will enjoy using.

Moving onto the TaylorMade SIM Max, it is an excellent total package. It looks great, has very good feel and performs well too.

The question of whether one is worth considerably more than the other, and whether one will have a huge difference on your game, is entirely up to you.


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