A guide to the seventh hole at Erin Hills ahead of the 2017 US Open

Erin Hills Hole By Hole Guide: Hole 7

Hole 7 – Par 5 – 607 yards

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This rolling three-shotter of a par 5 will be a good birdie opportunity at the US Open this year. Whilst the tee shot is again extremely narrow, a missed fairway isn’t the end of the world, as most players will need to lay-up on the approach to this green.

Erin Hills Hole By Hole Guide: Hole 7

Three bunkers in front and on the left visually dominate the approach, but the false front on the right is perhaps the bigger challenge.

The 7th green steps down from side-to-side, a refreshing change from two-level greens that have all-too-predictable front and back levels. If this green is to be missed on an approach it is definitely better to miss right, as that gives players plenty of room to pitch back on to the putting surface. Miss left and you will be in thick rough with a very quick pitch to come. Not good.