A guide to the eighth hole at Erin Hills ahead of the 2017 US Open

Erin Hills Hole By Hole Guide: Hole 8

Hole 8 – Par 4 – 492 yards

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With its right-to-left dogleg and left-to-right slope of the fairway, the 8th is the tee shot where the player who has the ability to shape his shots at will, although a draw is probably the best shot choice for this hole.

With no fairway bunkers, the target area will feel and appear much larger than it actually is, but it shouldn’t cause players to misjudge their tee shots.

Erin Hills Hole By Hole Guide: Hole 8

With the front bunkers and shallow green, the approach favors the player who can bring the ball in with a high trajectory, although the rise at the back of the left half of the green provides a helpful backstop.

Again, with this hole having a challenging pin placement at the front of the green, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the organisers toughen this relatively simple hole for the final round.