A message from the Editors to Golf Monthly friends and readers. Please accept our apologies. Due to unforeseen circumstances (although we really should know better by now after all these years watching Major championships), we have had to cancel next month’s front cover Instruction Special: How to Win The US Open by Dustin Johnson.

It was all going swimmingly after a spectacular display of power golf in a third round five-under-par 66. Then, it is my embarrassment to inform you, Dustin Johnson turned into Dustin Hoffman for the final round. A triple bogey at the 2nd, lost ball at the third, lost the will to carry on at the 4th.

But, good news for fans of the Next Big (No) Thing from the US, Johnson will give exclusive tips and insight from his Pebble Beach Meltdowns:

1. How NOT to chip left-handed out of heavy rough ­ especially when you are right-handed.

2. Having just duffed the above, How NOT to rush your next chip and see it race past the hole.

3. Having done the above, How to miss three-footers for double bogey by not even touching the edge of the hole.

Thank you for your understanding. Be the ball. Get in the hole. You the Man (or Woman). Etc.

Fore left,

The Golf Montly Editors

PS. Well done, Champ. How would you like to do an instruction special?

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