Golf in Denmark: Lubker Golf Resort

Better known for Carlsberg, bacon and butter, Denmark is breaking into the golf work with genuine venom. Clive Agran tells us more including his verdict on the Lubker Golf Resort.

The Lubker Golf Resort

Once upon a time when I was remarkably young and Hans Christian Andersen stories were read to me before bedtime, I understood that Denmark was a land full of kings, queens, princes, princesses and a mixed bunch of poor people. Then, when I grew weary of fairytales and graduated to building blocks, I believed that everything in Denmark was made of Lego. Studying geography at A-level and still very impressionable, I learnt that Denmark was in reality a huge farm where half the population churned out butter, while the other half produced bacon. Now, having attended the opening of the Lubker Golf Resort, bacon and butter have been replaced by bogeys and bunkers. Not birdies, because there are fewer to be found at this spectacular development than there are endangered amphibians and rare orchids.

Situated close to the east coast on the bit that juts out into the sea about halfway up the country and very near to Denmark’s second city, Aarhus (pronounce Orr-hoose), this wonderful resort sits comfortably on gently undulating, wooded terrain. The brainchild of the eponymous Mr Lubker, it is no more than ten minutes along the road from Aarhus airport, which is itself just a short hop from Stansted – well within range for those living in eastern England.

Everyone calls the boss Poul Anker, not because he wrote the lyrics to My Way, but because that is his name. Although it sounds oxymoronic, Danes go in for two first names and Poul Anker Lubker and Hans Christian Anderson are fine examples. These two also share a vivid imagination. Perhaps the difference is that Poul Anker was able to convert his fairytale into reality and create a world-class facility where previously there was nothing but woods and fields.

A development such as Lubker, with various high-end properties scattered around a stunning golf course, is unlike anything Denmark has seen before. Financed by a flotation on the Danish stock market and with the majority of the properties sold before a sod was turned, the dream has steadily taken shape over the past few years as various top-of-the-range facilities have been completed.

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