What A Load Of Rubbish! Watch Muñoz Hit Tee Shot Into A Bin

Watch as Sebastián Muñoz hit a drive into a bin at the PGA Championship.

Munoz Tee Shot
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The Columbian's drive found a trash can down the left of the 18th hole.

What A Load Of Rubbish! Watch Muñoz Hit Tee Shot Into A Bin

It's been an attritional start to the 103rd PGA Championship with birdie being hard to come by on the opening day.

What is arguably even harder to find on the Ocean Course is a bin off the tee, but Columbian Sebastián Muñoz managed just that.

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Playing the 18th hole - his 9th for the day - Muñoz pulled his tee shot toward the grandstand down the left of the hole.

He was +1 for his round and probably feared the worst as the ball flew left off his driver.

Watch below as his ball ended up in a trash can by the grandstand.

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It's a one-in-a-million shot and Muñoz asked "Do I have to get it out of there?" as he consulted the rules official.

He gave his beer-stained ball to a nearby fan, who got herself a souvenir to go home with.

As his ball lay in a manmade structure, Muñoz was granted a free drop despite his drive missing the fairway by some distance.

He found the green with his approach and two putted for one of the most adventurous pars of the tournament so far.

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He wasn't the first of the day to send his ball flying towards the massive grandstand on the right of 18.

Keegan Bradley was granted relief when his tee shot found one of the upper floors of the grandstand.

Is Munoz's adventure in the bin the shot of the tournament so far?