The new media centre at Augusta National is quite simply the finest of its kind anywhere in the world

Inside the Majestic Media Centre at Augusta National

Photography courtesy of Augusta National

Shortly after the conclusion of the 2016 US Masters, construction began on Augusta National’s new media centre. Some 360 days later, it was completed.

According to Chairman Billy Payne, hundreds and sometimes thousands of workers and helpers were involved in its creation.

In his pre-tournament press conference, Payne said:

“People always ask us why we continue to improve our campus and our facilities, which are already considered by some as without peer in the sporting world. Honestly, the answer is pretty simple.

In the same manner that we all inherited this wonderful club and tournament, so, too, did our beloved founders, Clifford Roberts and Bobby Jones, condition that inheritance on our collective adoption of the principle of constant improvement. We simply know no other way.

“We had a very simple goal: to to build the finest woking environment in all of sport, not just in golf.

Let me tell you, they succeeded.

The building is effectively a grand southern mansion, and when you enter you’re greeted by a beautiful wooden staircase that takes you up to the working area.

There, rows of desks stretch to the huge windows at the far end of the room, through which the driving range is visible.

On the second floor, there’s also a fully-fledged restaurant with some of the best food and most diligent waiters I’ve ever experienced.

There’s also a lounge and break-out area somewhere, but I have to confess I’ve yet to find it. And I’ve looked. That isn’t a joke.

Downstairs is home to showers, more break-out areas, the photography area and the most incredible interview room. Every journalist has their own microphone which is switched on remotely just before you ask a question.

The media centre also doubles as a museum. There are portraits, paintings, iconic photographs and other reminders of the event’s esteemed history everywhere you look.

It’s quite simply the best of its kind anywhere in the world.

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