Woods is back swinging at full power but just how good technically is his new action? GM Top 25 coach Ged Walters takes a look...

Tiger Woods Golf Swing Analysis

This year the golfing world has celebrated the return to form of Tiger Woods. Where persistent back injuries had prevented him from moving freely, now he is swinging with power and balance. As the 2018 Open Championship progressed, it was clear that this was the best we have seen Tiger Woods swing the club for years. In this Tiger Woods swing analysis, Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach Ged Walters looks at the swing of the 14-time major winner.

“Tiger starts his backswing with a nice move of the arms and torso with the club head staying outside the hands. His hands and arms move more around the body than back in 2000 so the lead arm is covering the shoulders and the hands are behind the trail shoulder.

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His downswing sees a superb drive from the lower half but with the upper body connected more to the lower body turn. This means that the hips don’t open as quickly with the shoulders being closed as long. I would assume this is part of taking the pressure off his back during the motion.

He’s got a fantastic extension through impact with the club exiting nicely up and to the left in the follow through to a less rotated finish.

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When we first saw Tiger competing during his return he was working on the connection between his arms and body. With driver in hand, a lack of synchronisation was costing him but this has improved drastically. In my opinion this has improved as he trusts his rejuvenated back.

If he continues to swing with the combination of power and control we have seen at Carnoustie, he will surely will again – soon!

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